Facebook introduces scam warnings feature for Messenger users

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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American social media and technology company Facebook has introduced a scam warning feature that will be watching through the messenger app for scammers using the smartphone communication system.

Safety notifications will be triggered in Messenger text chats if action taking place in the background is considered dubious by artificial intelligence software, Director of privacy and safety product management Jay Sullivan remarked.

“The new safety feature will help millions of people avoid potentially harmful interactions and possible scams without compromising their privacy.”
Jay Sullivan
Director of privacy and safety product management – Facebook

The feature which was earlier introduced to Messenger app for Android in March will be available for Messenger on iPhones by next week.

“Too often people interact with someone online they think they know or trust, when it’s really a scammer or imposter,” Sullivan said.

Messenger already employs software mechanisms to combat spam and prevent efforts by adults to contact minors they don’t appear to know. Messenger has been ramping up capabilities and security as the use of online tools to communicate and socialize is reaching the peak due to restrictions of movement during the pandemic.



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