UAE retail sector steps up their game to race with online discounts

By Backend Office, Desk Reporter
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UAE shoppers now have the freedom to easily switch between online and offline purchases for the best deals as there is no longer much difference in the price and discounts between them.

Even if there are differences it is minor, experts note.

Earlier online shopping had the advantage over the physical stores as they provided huge discounts which went up to 20%. But, on facing the COVID-19 situation, the major retail chains have finally realized that these price differences cannot continue and have decided to step up their game.

Retailers are giving out discounts as their most recent strategy to attract buyers. Their major focus is to increase sales in the traditional way.

Currently, the Dubai festival is offering up to 90 percent discount on a number of selected products.

The realization has also led retailers to upgrade their online platforms. While it may not be possible for them to recreate all of the features that an Amazon or other online shopping portal can offer, traditional retailers are determined to stay in the race.

In the coming days, the retailers aim not only to sell their brands on third-party online marketplaces but also to attract enough shoppers to come directly to them for shopping.

Ashish Panjabi
Ashish Panjabi
Jacky’s Group

“Every retailer has embraced the online platforms that exist. If the customer is opting online shopping then we need to be there as well. As we’ve seen the economy open up again and events re-start, the priority is to keep focus on planned for promotions – but at the same time have the flexibility to adapt to changing situations.”

India’s decision to move IPL (Indian Premier League) its domestic cricket tournament – and one of the world’s most watched sporting events – to the UAE could not have come at a better time for the retail sector. The retailers are expecting a surge in TV and smartphone sales during the period.

Lately, the Back to School promotions have been gaining good attention along with that of tech gadgets.

As the retail industry felt the full severity of the pandemic it was thought that retailers would have no choice but to start dumping whatever inventory they had into shops and online outlets in order to get customers to buy them. Fortunately, those heavy prices slash used to clear stocks did not have to be implemented in the industry. In fact, it has handled the inventory situation well.

As for the UAE shoppers, they need to search around and not limit themselves to online or offline platforms to find the best deals.