Google revamps Finance with new features

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Google Finance on Mobile
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Google’s website focusing on business news and financial information, Google Finance has been redesigned for the desktop and mobile web to make it easier to find data on stocks, market trends, and the relevant news, according to the interest of users.

As per Google, these updates will help people to make more informed investment decisions on their own.

Google Finance feature 2

“It’s important to understand that the context in which informed investment decisions are made, and by making the information useful, Google makes it easier to find and compare information”, wrote Google Finance in the blog post.

One of the new features on the service allows the user, to group their stocks and create their watchlists that help to find news, statistics, and revenue details. The user can also add company events and earnings directly to the Google Calendar.

The description and explanation of the key terms and stats are available in the newly modified version as the user browse through the stock details. It will help the user to understand the word and further details on it.  For example, If the user hovers over a term like “market capitalization”, then the user gets the definition of this term and a badge stating whether the company is a large, mid or small-capitalization company.

Google Finance feature 1

The alteration in Google Finance includes bold color features that make it easier to distinguish stocks.

The new update will be a welcome change from the current version of Google Finance, as the old one generates a lot of search results and lacks many customizable features.

The Watchlists will be expanded later this year to include wallet features in Google Finance. Soon the user will be able to create and customize their portfolio, easily track gains, losses and review news relevant to their portfolio.

Google has not yet announced when it will release a redesigned version of Google Finance in other countries, around the world.