Media City Qatar, Euronews unite to build media professionals in the country

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Euronews-Media City
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Media City Qatar has entered into a strategic partnership with one of the most renowned media networks in the world, Euronews to train the country’s talents in the field.

Under the agreement, Euronews will set up a regional office and media academy in Media City Qatar, to build the capacity of young media professionals and students. The partnership deal is considered as an important milestone in the Media City’s effort to attract major media networks to Qatar.

Euronews Academy was created to empower students, young professionals and media executives with the latest journalism techniques to create content and successfully run media in the new digital era. Through its deep media and creative expertise, the academy will design high-quality training programs and opportunities for both Qatari nationals and residents.

With 28 years of experience in delivering trusted news and developing innovative ways of doing journalism, Euronews has partnered with one of the leading media and journalism schools in Europe to develop in-depth training modules for each media and to create teaching methods that have demonstrated success among students and professionals of the industry.

Euronews Academy program in Qatar will include the creation of a state-of-the-art e-learning platform on which innovative e-learning modules and live training will be available in English and Arabic.

The Euronews office space in Media City will provide onsite training and educational programs including lectures, shadowing and internships collaborating with local universities alongside Euronews teams of experts in Qatar and France.

Mohammed Badr Al Sada
Mohammed Badr Al Sada
CEO – Media City Qatar

“This partnership represents an important step towards establishing Media City as one of the favorite destinations for worldwide known media institutions and technology companies. We aspire to sign more strategic partnerships of this kind and hope that this will lead to greater development in the media sector throughout the region.”

The partnership between Media City and Euronews will also produce programs targeting all age groups, with a special focus on youth. The programs will cover topics like business, culture, entertainment and current affairs.

“We are proud to be partnering with Media City Qatar to launch our ambitious Euronews Academy program in the region. Euronews has for nearly three decades now been an example of trusted fact-based Impartial journalism. We are excited by the opportunity we have to share our expertise and know-how with young generations of budding media professionals based in Qatar,” Chief Executive Officer of Euronews Michael Peters said.

Media City Qatar was established in 2019 to drive the development of the media industry in the country and become an international hub for businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs with a focus on traditional and digital media, technology, communications, research and development.