New Android 11 features unveiled by Google; Will work on older phones too

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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As Google launches Android 11 with the Pixel 5 worldwide, it also plans to release the software for older Pixel phones. The tech giant has begun working to make further updates for the best experience of its latest operating system update.

Google claimed that the forthcoming features will transform the way you use your Android smartphone, as per the latest blog post updated by the company. The recent smartphone features intended to enhance the experience the users of Android phones are:

Open apps through Google Assistant

Google is introducing improved smart Google assistant modifications by which users can conveniently ask Google to open any app of their choice and check for the things which user needs. By saying ‘Hey Google’ and then giving the appropriate commands, it can easily be achieved.

Screen sharing on Google Duo

Google Duo Video Sharing

The tech giant allows the user to share a screen with friends, family and so on during the video call on duo via this feature. It is now available on Google Meet and will enable the user to share interesting images, visuals and other content. Besides, Google has included a video message option in Duo which can be sent to the receiver, if they are not available to call.

Blocks spam calls on the phone app

The Phone application will now be capable to automatically block unwanted spam calls and will tell you who is calling and why they are calling. Google declares that this facility of Spam Security will run smoothly on all gadgets with Android 9 or above.

Improved voice notifications

Google has updated its sound notification system to its Live Transcribe app, which would help people with hearing issues. When activated, the system recognizes the sound created by the beep of a fire alarm, door-knock or system and alerts the user by flashing, vibrating and providing push notifications. Besides, the Wear OS smartwatch can also be synchronized with the vibration feature and send a push notification about similar activities.

Communication through ‘Action Block’ without the use of voice

Action Block

The action block can be used to communicate interactively without using your voice through short sentences and pictures. For people with cognitive, age-related and speech-related disorders, it acts as an artificial voice to help them to communicate with others. In addition to current speech therapy special education content, Google has now incorporated several thousand photos relating to communication signals from Tobii Dynavox. In addition, Japanese, Italian, German and French languages were also integrated into the application.