New Co-owned Property complaint process introduced by DLD

By Backend Office, Desk Reporter
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Dubai’s Land Department (DLD) has introduced a new complaint mechanism through its Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in the management of jointly owned properties (JOP) which will provide comfortable solutions for its customers while contributing to encouraging investment in the emirate’s growing real estate sector.

Under the new provision, the complainant must address the JOP management company in writing first before resorting to submitting the complaint to RERA. The complainant is expected to receive a reply from the JOP management company on the complaint within a maximum of two working days.

If the complaint is not answered, or the response is inappropriate, the complainant is directed to file the complaint through the Dubai REST application.

The complainant is required to attach several documents related to the complaint, including a copy of the written complaint sent to the JOP management company and a copy of the official response from the company itself, if any. The complainant may also provide any other documents that support the complaint filed against the company.

This mechanism is considered one of the most recent updates to the Dubai REST app, which is the first digital platform for real estate in Dubai that allows investors and owners to take decisions through an integrated set of digital procedures without the need for paper documents. The most prominent transactions completed through the app are related to Ejari contracts.

Mohammed Khalifa bin Hammad
Mohammed Khalifa bin Hammad
Senior Director
Real Estate Relations Regulatory Department at RERA

“After introducing the complaint service related to the management of JOPs through Dubai REST, owners will be able to obtain this service quickly, comfortably, and remotely at any time. Therefore, the positive impact of this measure will not be limited to individual owners of units but will enhance the attractiveness of the real estate market in the emirate in terms of high levels of transparency and guaranteeing the rights of everyone, especially as JOP areas attract investors from all over the world.”

To learn more about the DLD’s services, you can download the Dubai REST application, available on the App Store and Google Play.