Qatar’s Ain Hleetan Market to back small businesses with flexible rental

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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The management of Ain Hleetan Market, a heritage market in Qatar’s Al Khor City, has affirmed its keenness to provide opportunities to owners of small projects and attract well-known shops to the area, with attractive rental plans.

Ain Hleetan Market’s management offers a highly flexible rental scale and the rates of shops are suitable and accessible for everyone. The number of shops in the market is 74 with a rental value starting from $293 per month, 72 percent of them do not exceed the rental value of $773, in addition to cafes and restaurants.

The small shops, which constitute 31 percent of the total number of shops, have a rental value ranging between $293 to $547.93, while medium shops, which constitute 41 percent of the total number of shops, have a rental value ranging between $568 to $773. For the large stores, which constitute 28 percent of the total number of stores, the rental value ranges from $852 to $1460.

Regarding restaurants and cafes, the market’s management noted that the rental value for cafes ranges between $741 to $2730, while the restaurants in the market are in four different sizes and their rental value ranges between $2471 to $8926.

The management stated that the rumors about the rise in rental prices were not accurate. The Ain Hleetan Market is considered as a modern market in a heritage style and is limited in the number of shops, yet its rental value is the lowest in Qatar.

With regard to the failure of some of the lessors to achieve profits, the Ain Hleetan Market’s management pointed out that, there may be other reasons for this. Most of the lessors have not already started their commercial activities, and this may be due to the pandemic or other reasons related to them or some of them are practicing commercial activity for the first time, noting that the previous stage was preliminary, in which priority was given to the people of Al Khor and Al Dhakhira area. 

Currently, there is a plan to activate the market after the improvement on restrictions related to the pandemic. The second phase of leasing is scheduled to start, allowing non-residents of the cities of Al Khor and Al Thakhira to rent shops. This procedure aims to attract well-known shops and commercial activities from outside the city as a magnet for the market, as well as offering an opportunity for everyone, and there will be various heritage activities after the restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 are completely lifted.

The market’s management provided great facilities and exemptions to the current tenants of the shops from paying the rent for seven months, including three months at the start of the contract, then an additional exemption for four months of June, July, August, and September of 2021, taking into account the market conditions. Restaurants and cafes were also exempted from paying the rent for six months.

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