The Game Company & 01X partner to create decentralized gaming industry

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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The Game Company_01X partnership
Image Courtesy; The Game Company LinkedIn

The Game Company, a Dubai-based industry-leading innovator in cloud-based AI gaming, has entered into a strategic partnership with 01X, a consulting firm specializing in blockchain technology and decentralized economies, to jointly create a decentralized economy within The Game Company’s cloud-based AI platform, transforming the way users are rewarded for their active participation and engagement on the platform.

The collaboration brings forth player-driven curation for esports tournaments, restructuring the competitive gaming industry. Players take an active role in creating the gaming experience when they have the ability to design and manage tournaments. This taps into a booming business, taking advantage of the enormous expansion of the global esports market, which is projected to reach $6.75 billion by 2030. 

Through the decentralized nature of the platform, tournament hosts can establish their own rules, formats, and reward structures, creating a dynamic and diverse competitive environment.

Osman Masud_The Game Company_01X partnership
Osman Masud
CEO – The Game Company

“Our collaboration with 01X is a turning point for the esports sector. By integrating blockchain and decentralized economies, we are putting the power back into the hands of esports players. They can now create competitions, take control of their gaming experiences, and alter the competitive landscape. We’re dedicated to building a player-centric ecosystem where their voices are heard, and their contributions are celebrated.”

With a proven track record of successful collaborations with a multitude of blockchain projects (, 01X demonstrates its expertise and trusted solutions in the blockchain ecosystem. This collaboration with The Game Company further solidifies their commitment to shaping and advancing the evolving cloud-based gaming scene. Together, they are poised to harness the immense potential and drive innovation in the industry, creating a transformative blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Mr. Joachim Godet, Managing Director of 01X, said that “Our collaboration with The Game Company signifies a pivotal moment in the gaming industry. By merging our expertise in blockchain and game economics, we’re paving the way for a future where players have unprecedented control over their gaming experiences and reap tangible rewards for their engagement.”

This partnership strives to have an impact that extends beyond this collaboration’s reach, marking the start of a new era in gaming. It is set to drive the growth of decentralized economies, support and facilitate player-centric experiences, and reaffirm The Game Company’s commitment to providing the most advanced, flexible, and inclusive cloud gaming platform. Together, they aim to place player empowerment at the forefront of the industry.

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