Twitter verification to return early 2021; Reveals new vesting policy

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Twitter Blue Badge
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Prominent microblogging and social networking service Twitter is seeking feedback from its users on a revamped ‘user verification’ policy which will now replace the currently paused and largely criticized procedure to earn a “blue badge” which is seen as a sign of authenticity on the platform.  

In a blog post, the social media platform revealed its plans to relaunch its verification program including a new public application process by early 2021. Twitter has asked the public to share their feedback before December 8th.

Twitter had earlier paused public submissions for account verification in 2017 after the process was deemed as “arbitrary and confusing to many people”. The firm said that its ‘blue badge’ was being confused with “an endorsement or an indicator of importance.”

“Since then, we haven’t been clear about who can become verified and when, why an account might be unverified, or what it means to be verified,” Twitter said in the blog post.

Under the new policy, Twitter will now verify accounts under the following criteria;

  • Government officials
  • Companies
  • Nonprofits
  • News organizations
  • Entertainers
  • Sports teams
  • Athletes and
  • Activists

Twitter will also verify the identities (Twitter profiles) with “off-Twitter notability”, to be assessed through Google search trends, Wikipedia references, or coverage in news outlets and which have the highest following in a region.

Under the new regulations, a Twitter profile will be denied its verification if the account has been locked out for violating rules in the last six months or is connected with individuals who are associated with hateful content or who have been found to have committed “gross human rights violations.”

The firm could also remove the blue badge from accounts that severely or repeatedly violate rules, such as its policies on hateful conduct, civic integrity or glorification of violence.