Attn: Saudi Citizens in Private Sector, HADAF revises employment support conditions

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia’s government arm Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) has made four amendments to its employment support program including lowering the minimum wage limit for Saudi citizens to qualify for its support program. 

As per the new change citizens who earn just $853 (3200 Saudi Riyal) from the earlier $1066 (4000 Saudi Riyal) can now be considered eligible for the government support program.

The move is expected to trigger a remarkable increase in the number of Saudi employees who will benefit from the government support initiative.

Additional Support

HADAF has also introduced; 

  • Additional support of 10 percent will be provided to specific activities that are considered as affected under the current circumstances.
  • A 10 percent support will also be provided additionally to several other targeted professions.
  • Employees who were hired from July 1, 2019, are now included in the purview of the support program given that the support for the beneficiaries began from the date of their registration in the program.

Salary Support 

The initiative will now offer 30 to 50 percent salary support to all Saudi men and women working in the country’s private sector for the next two years given that their salaries do not exceed $3,998.80 (15,000 Saudi Riyal).

Incentive on hiring women and person of determination   

Private sector organizations across the nation other than in cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Al Khobar along with SMEs can now earn an additional 10 percent support for hiring women and individuals of determination to an extend of 50 percent of the employee’s monthly pay, or $799.76 (3,000 Saudi Riyals) which ever is smaller.

HADAF will also now focus to increase the participation of youth and women in the Saudi labor market and more benefits to them through its employment support initiative. These new measures from the organization have come after its discussions with various stakeholders from organizations, various chambers of commerce and labor market itself.