Bahrain Islamic Bank customers can withdraw cash from ATM without a card

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Bahrain-based leading commercial bank, Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) has launched a new service that allows its customers to make cash withdrawals or balance inquiries from ATMs using the Benefit Pay App on their smartphones, without the need for a bank card.

BisB intends to offer its customers the simplest and most convenient banking and financial solutions for their various transactions. The launch of the new service is in line with the bank’s strategy to improve the user experience by providing access to a broader range of desired contactless solutions, which are much preferred in the current environment.

Osama Nasr
Osama Nasr
CIO – BisB

“We are pleased to extend this new feature to our customers, as we continue to introduce integrated banking services and products that cater to their various needs, in line with our digital transformation goals. We are also proud of our successful cooperation with The BENEFIT Company, and look forward to delivering the latest financial solutions supported by easy, safe, and secure technologies.”

Mr. Riyad Al Maraj, Assistant General Manager of Information Technology at the Benefit Company said, “It is our pleasure to take the initiative to provide advanced solutions and features that contribute to enhancing the level of services available to the public.”

“Our close cooperation with BisB and the rest of the banks comes within the new features of the BenefitPay app, which is considered the national e-wallet. Appreciating the effort of the technical and administrative teams in the Benefit Company and BisB on this launch,” Mr. Al Maraj added.

How to utilize the new service?

Customers can use this service with ease by first activating the Near-field communication (NFC) feature on their Android smart devices and then adding their personal BisB-issued bank cards to the Benefit Pay App. Clients can then access the “Wallet Management” option in the application’s menu and choose the “Manage electronic cards’ option.”

Upon completion, customers will be able to activate the contactless payment feature by entering into the “Benefit Pay” app. After selecting the required bank card, place the phone near the NFC located on ATMs to activate the process to withdraw cash.

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