EXEED accelerates its luxury high-end brand image to global market

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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EXEED Luxury brand image
Image Courtesy; EXEED

Chinese automobile brand, EXEED has showcased its global high-end image to a wider range of markets, winning the praise and trust of numerous customers on the international stage.

Expansion in Europe & America

With an international team in charge of R&D, design and marketing, EXEED is a luxury brand for the global high-end market based on first-class design and leading technology. Committed to the ultimate pursuit of high quality, EXEED has established a European R&D center in Munich, Germany, and attracted hundreds of designers and engineers who boast first-class European qualifications and rich experience from BMW and Jaguar Land Rover.

In the meantime, EXEED also reached cooperation with American Quantum and top suppliers in Europe and America, to reinforce rich capabilities in technical platform development and expansion. By learning from the century-long experience of the European automobile industry, EXEED is constantly exploring the boundaries of auto design and manufacturing based on the concept of “Born For More”. EXEED has also established its premium brand image in Chile through sponsorship of the next year’s chile golf event, as well as media appreciation meetings and polo events held at the best wineries.

As a result, EXEED can be regarded as possessing the aspiration of breaking the existing pattern from the very beginning of its birth, and being born to shine on the world stage. Having won a series of international awards for its products, EXEED’s superior products and premium luxury brand image have won the recognition of the market all over the world.

EXEED in Kuwait

The launch of EXEED in Kuwait also attracted the attention of the whole industry, particularly by presenting EXEED’s image more vividly through 18 EXEEDERs, consisting of Olympic champions, Guinness World Records holders, inventors, space industry engineers and other social elites. EXEED also spares no effort to show its high-end brand tone to the global market, as well as actively conveying its brand image through all available resources.

EXEED presence in global market

EXEED in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, EXEED left a good impression among the high-end group by sponsoring the Almaty Fortune and Business Forum and serving as the commercial vehicle for important guests on the day of the event. In particular, Kazakhstan astronaut Mr. Aidyn Aimbetov commented that EXEED’s brand connotation of continuous exploration perfectly complemented the aerospace industry, for which Mr. Aimbetov also became EXEED’s ambassador.

EXEED in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, EXEED not only made an appearance at the International Saudi Falcon & Hunting Exhibition, but also actively responded to Saudi Arabia’s wildlife and environmental protection policies, and made significant contributions to the application of Falcon for World Heritage. Furthermore, EXEED has become the exclusive sponsor for National Auto Award, the most authoritative automobile industry award in Saudi Arabia, obtaining the opportunity to stand in the spotlight with Saudi royal family members together. Recently, EXEED also sponsored the Horse Beauty Contest in Saudi Arabia.

Despite being an emerging luxury brand, EXEED has been accelerating its rush to the global stage since its birth as a brand that incorporates the concept of internationalization into its DNA. According to the current progress, EXEED has also lived up to the expectations and won the praise of global users, thus contributing to EXEED’s determination to continue on the path of internationalization.

EXEED is still speeding up, with its debut in five countries, including Qatar, Iraq, UAE, Tunisia and Uzbekistan in the first half of next year alone, and it will enter the markets of more countries and regions in the future.

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