Insect Kids, a recyclable toy concept wins Audi Innovation Award

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Plastic is a huge part of the toy industry and 90 percent of toys are made from some form of plastic and most of them aren’t recyclable. A brother-sister combo from Jordan, Ahmad and Rasha Jarrar has won the 2020 Audi Innovation Award by developing Insect Kids, a biodegradable and recyclable toy concept.

The Audi Innovation Award, a competition led by the Middle East wing of the multinational automotive brand Audi. The objective of the award is to encourage innovation in the region while creating awareness about sustainable lifestyle solutions.

The 5th edition of the award was themed ‘circular’ with an aim to bring a thoughtful and restorative process by which the materials and resources that make up a design can be used as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from it. Materials are then recovered and regenerated at the end of each product life, closing the circle.

Ahmad and Rasha Jarrar have come up with a product that fits perfectly with the ‘circular’ theme. The brother-sister duo redefined the traditional kids’ toy concept with their innovative design to reduce plastic consumption by developing a toy that can be constantly reused and is fully recyclable.

Early studies have shown that children get easily bored with toys at an average of 36 days, ultimately cluttering homes or loading landfills. Insect Kids proposed innovative and sustainable toys that can be easily dismantled ahead of the next use, ensuring space efficiency. As the innovators also provide a recycling service for the disposal at the end of the product’s lifecycle, the toys won’t be a threat to the planet.

Ahmad & Rasha Jarrar
Ahmad & Rasha Jarrar
Insect Kids

“The toy market is huge, we believe there is a real opportunity for a new entrant like us to disrupt the industry and bring some attention back from traditional toys. By using flatpack technology and biodegradable materials, we enable parents to maintain a minimalist and clutter-free home, while the planet benefits from removing the toxic cycle of plastic toys being purchased which then end up in the landfill. Parents today are also much more comfortable with the circular economy and recognize the benefits of sustainable solutions.”

As winners of the Audi Innovation Award, the Jordanian innovators will receive a trophy and an all-expense-paid trip to the Audi factory in Germany, to experience the automotive design journey at the company’s headquarters. Besides, Audi Middle East has awarded them $25,000 worth of consultancy to cover IP registration, legal counseling and business development.

Commenting on the award, the Managing Director of Audi Middle East, Carsten Bender, stated that, “Ahmad and Rasha Jarrar have shown exemplary resolve for innovation over the course of the challenge. We are proud to be supporting a sustainable future and providing a platform for the growth of innovative like-minded individuals. With our passionate resolve, we are sure that we will ultimately reshape industrial and economic behavior. Insect Kids has created a winning proposition for parents and for the planet.”

The Audi Innovation Award, led by Audi Middle East, aims to empower regional designers and entrepreneurs while archiving intellectual progress in the region. It also seeks to raise social awareness and stimulate regional discussion for a sustainable future through the innovative use of energy and resources.