Is the New Apple Watch 6 COVID-19 ready?

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Apple Watch 6 | Representational Image

We expect Apple Watch 6 to launch with few health-tracking features. One game-changer innovation could actually help us combat coronavirus.

One of the critical symptoms of COVID-19 is Pneumonia. The new Apple Watch 6 could have a Pulse Oximeter which can provide an early warning to detect silent hypoxia, one of the breathing problems associated with COVID pneumonia. This life-threatening condition has determined the fate of many of the 2 million coronavirus patients around the world. The ability to detect silent hypoxia in its very earliest stages would keep more and more patients off of ventilators.

Potential Release Date

The Apple Watch 6 is assumed to be launched in late 2020 but no official date is confirmed as yet. All previous versions, except the first Apple Watch, were launched in September of their respective years. However, with the current COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, things could change.

Reports also hint at one possibility that Apple Watch 6 could use a microLED display instead of the OLED screen as seen on the Watch 5. The main benefit of microLED is it is far more power-efficient, leading to longer battery life.

Reports on Apple Watch Series 6 also suggest that it may detect panic attacks and when a user is under stress.

It’s very probable the Apple Watch 6 will come with a new version of the company’s software (expected to be called watchOS 7) on board.


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