Qatari Eateries can operate at 100% with Qatar Clean certificate

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Sazeli Qatar, Al Gharafa, Doha
Sazeli Qatar, Al Gharafa, Doha

Qatar’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) will allow restaurants in the county to operate at 100 percent from September 1 given that they acquired a valid Qatar Clean program certificate from the authorities. 

MoCI made the declaration as part of the fourth stage of the gradual lifting of restrictions on restaurants, in connection with Phase 4 of easing COVID-19 restrictions in the country.

Qatar will commence its stage 4 of gradual lifting of nationwide restrictions on September 1 with further relaxations expected in the third week of September.

How to obtain Clean Qatar program certificate

  • Restaurants can apply for the certificate and subsequent approval for 100% capacity by registering on the Qatar Clean website.
  • Once the registration is done, restaurants will have to download and fill the restaurants’ requirements form.
  • The duly filled forms are to be submitted to the email id: restaurants(at)qatarclean(dot)qa.
  • The requirements for restaurant activities are available on the MPOH website.

Instructions to restaurants 

  • Restaurants without a Clean Qatar program certificate can only receive customers up to a maximum of 30% of their premise’s capacity.
  • Only those diners with green Ehteraz status are allowed in.
  • Open buffet service and shisha will remain prohibited.
  • Only pre-defined menus are to be served.
  • Restaurants should not allow Diners if they are not wearing a medical mask.
  • The body temperature of the diners should be checked at the entrance to the premises.
  • Entry with diners with temperatures above 38 Degrees should be denied
  • Hand sanitizers ought to be provided across the restaurant facilities.
  • Safe distance stickers should be placed on the restaurant floor.

Sitting inside the restaurant 

  • Restaurant furniture should be spread out to ensure there is a minimum of 2-meter distance between each table.
  • Only a maximum of five people are to be allowed to sit at each table, except for families.
  • Clients should be encouraged to pay by credit/debit cards instead of cash.

Smoking and Social distancing 

  • Smoking is banned at the restaurant entrances and all containers removed.
  • Limousine and taxi drivers are prevented from gathering at the entrance of the restaurant.

Precautions at the facilities 

  • The body temperature of the restaurant staff should be continuously monitored and those exhibiting symptoms isolated and the relevant authorities informed to take the necessary precautions and health measures.
  • All restaurant facilities should be continuously sterilized, including administrative offices, warehouses, employee housing, and affiliated vehicles.

MoCI updated that these measures are subject to amendments and updates according to the latest developments. Any violation of these instructions will result in legal accountability and procedures to the perpetrators.