Scrolling mobile right after wake up can ruin your day; Experts say so

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Mobile Use
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Mobile has become an important part of people’s life. For the majority of people, the first thing that comes to their mind after they wake up in the morning is scrolling through their mobile phones.

But, have you ever given a thought to what effect checking your phone first thing in the morning might be having on you, on your brain, on your body, on your mindset for the day? You may be aware of the disadvantages of using mobile in the dark of night, but do you know that checking the smartphone first thing in the morning is not good for your health.

According to a study on about 2000 people in the UK, the day of waking up early in the morning on a mobile check begins with tension, which influences the brain’s output by affecting the working process.

Mobile Use

Experts say that when a person wakes up and check mail or notifications on mobile firstly, his/her mind is filled with thoughts related to him/her so that they cannot think better of anything else.

Stress and anxiety

After getting up, thinking about the same thing increases the stress and the anxiety level. In the morning, as the BP rises, the pressure also increases, which is proven to be dangerous for the health of the people.

Effects of the past

When a person opens the mail or notification after waking up the next day after sleeping, most probably he/she is reading information related to the events of the past day. According to experts, the effect of this is that the person hijacks past on the present and instead of living the new day in a new way, he/she will live that day under the influence of the past.

Mobile Use

Concentration decreases

A survey has shown that after waking up, checking the mobile first and thinking about past events also reduces concentration. Its effect can be visible from driving to working and even in studying.

According to experts, listening to music or meditating instead of doing a mobile check-in the morning will give the brain a relaxed start, which will give a chance to get ready for the day. This will also help the person to be healthy and more energetic.