Tabreed employs AI-powered system to forecast customer demand

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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The leading UAE-based international district cooling developer, Tabreed has launched a pilot project to more accurately forecast customer demand for the next 24 hours by making use of AI (artificial intelligence). 

The initiative named ‘Wet bulb Forecasting’ will enable a more effective operation by optimizing the production of cooling and will help Tabreed to drastically enhance demand-side management, the district cooling developer said in a statement.

Tabreed stated that the project would be carried out in two steps, the initial phase is to have a stable weather forecasting system based on information updated in real-time and the second step will be to use data science to develop models and correlations and finally, based on demand forecast, drive the plant performance.

Bader Al Lamki
Bader Al Lamki

“Innovation, research and development is a very important pillar in our business strategy. Developing appropriate infrastructure, while preserving the environment is one of the key priorities in UAE Vision 2030. Energy Efficiency is essential more than ever, and I am very proud of the relentless efforts of our innovation-focused teams who continuously work to make sure we adopt the latest technologies and pioneer the district cooling industry with the highest efficiency and less impact on our environment.”

The project will contribute to improving Tabreed’s operational efficiency while increasing district cooling plant life and reliability, with its R&D funding commitment expected to contribute towards increasing plant energy efficiency by 30 percent.

Other key projects 

‘Future of Cooling’ is another initiative of the company’s initiatives, which aims to introduce new designs and technologies in each district cooling plant, targeting “material improvements” in plant performance as well as a prolonged life and lower plant lifecycle costs, said Tabreed.

“Based on the simulation of this pilot project, we forecast a 25 to 30 percent increase in performance, compared to our industry benchmarks,” said Francois-Xavier Boul, Chief Development Officer of Tabreed.

‘Carbon NanoTube’ is another R&D initiative by Tabreed which focuses on drastically boosting the performance and life span of plant and equipment as well as reducing plant and energy transfer station (ETS) footprints using carbon nanotube (CNT) material which has outstanding properties in terms of heat transfer.

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