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IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
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Give these healthy sugar alternatives a try!

From canned juices to cupcakes to chocolates to ice creams, most things that we love are filled with sugar. But do we realise that...

Is ice cream healthy or unhealthy? Experts have their say

Most people love to have a bowl of dessert after their meals. What about some delicious ice cream with silver balls or wafers? But...

Can drinking juice be dangerous for your health? Few researchers suggest...

Fruits and vegetables are essential for our health. Some of them even reduce the risks of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer....

Consuming vegetables as salad or juice: Which is healthier?

Should you be eating your vegetables or drinking them in the form of juice? Nutritionists say that this is one question they have been...

Insufficient nutrition intake likely to affect bone health of non-meat eaters

Vegan diets, that avoid the use of any animal derived products, are considered healthy and many follow this, but recent research indicates that they...

Everyday morning drinks for a healthy start

What is your routine in the morning like? Are you one of those who loves to have a hot cup of coffee or just...

Keep you diabetes in check with this surprisingly simple onion drink

November 14th is celebrated as the World Diabetes Day every year. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of a medical condition...

Getting tired too easily? Regain your stamina with simple everyday steps

Some of the most trending words in the last few months have been 'COVID-19' and 'stay at home.' The current pandemic has made serious...
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