Visa, Ignixxion join to advance fuel & fleet management

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Visa, the world’s leading digital payment provider has entered into a strategic partnership with the fleet management solutions specialist Ignixxion International Limited to integrate the two companies’ services and thus boost its efficiency.

Under the agreement, Ignixxion, which aims to improve the management and efficiency of commercial fleet operations will be able to integrate with Visa’s payment technology and roll out its services in 14 countries in the region including Egypt, UAE and Oman.

As the commercial fleet operators are facing huge pressure to manage costs and to adapt to the changing market conditions, the partnership will help to deliver innovative SaaS (Software As A Service) offerings in addition to security and digital solutions that empower companies of all sizes to manage their fleet vehicles and assets.

Rakesh Khanna
Rakesh Khanna
VP & Head
Visa Business Solutions

“Fleet managers are increasingly turning to digital innovation to help them solve the challenges of complex logistics, and the combination of frictionless and contactless payments, mobility solutions, artificial intelligence and intuitive fleet management from Visa and Ignixxion will help them to achieve the level of insight and analysis they need to efficiently manage fleet and fuel into the future.”

The partnership will strengthen Ignixxion’s industry experience in fleet and fuel payment management and Visa’s leadership in payment technology. Fleet managers will be able to access a SaaS platform that allows real-time reporting based on transaction data.

With these facilities the customers will also be able to gain insights from vehicle, drive and location data linked to payments, to analyze spending trends and exceptions.

“This partnership between Visa and Ignixxion has several strategic advantages to both our organizations and has the potential to reach many more customers across the global fleet and fuel marketplace,” Daren Pillay, Executive Director of Ignixxion added.

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