Abu Dhabi’s Wealthface launches innovative ‘Invest App’ in MidEast & US

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Investment Platform
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Wealthface, Abu Dhabi-based one-stop-shop online investment platform, has launched its Invest App for passive investors in the Middle East and the US on Android and iOS.

The Wealthface platform offers investors multiple types of accounts related to their financial objectives like retirement, education, building wealth and multiple selections of portfolios based on the client risk level, an option typically unavailable for retail clients, to start investing at low cost without any hidden or trading fees.

The user-friendly platform is now available as a Web and App solution, thus offering retail clients the possibility to start investing with no account fees and the ability to start investing with no minimum costs. Further, users can have access to their portfolio, benefit from portfolio-free rebalancing, so that they can execute it directly to the market using cutting-edge technology.

The platform offers expert investment services through a blend of investment options, advanced fintech, and professional human expertise. It is licensed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and Abu Dhabi Global Market’s (ADGM) Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). Furthermore, Wealthface’s recent partnership with the US-based digital trading technology company, Drivewealth will enable its clients to have access to their portfolios on a daily basis and have their own free monthly statement.

Bilal Majbour
Bilal Majbour
Founder & CEO

“Our mission at Wealthface is to provide the end-users a secure online investment App and let them enjoy their life while we take care of their investments. We have made sure to develop something simple, safe, and easy to use, so that any user can open an account within minutes and start investing at a low cost. We exist to solve the problems that users have faced for many years and make sure to create awareness and education for investors during their investment journey.”

Recently, Wealthface unveiled its new product, Face X, in response to user demand for more accessible and smoother transfer services, enabling local free transfers in Dirham, without any wire transfer charges or any transfer fees using multiple methods.


Founded in 2018, Wealthface is a one-stop-shop online investment platform based in the UAE that offers both passive indexing investment and factor investing services. Wealthface aims to bring institutional investment solutions by facilitating the investment and trading process and offering modern fintech services to a diverse range of investors, requiring no minimum knowledge about trading and offering a complementary solution to any other trading platform.

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