ADGM-based FinaMaze to launch its Metaverse Smartfolio

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)-based digital wealth management firm, FinaMaze, has revealed the launch of its Metaverse Smartfolio.

The Metaverse Smartfolio includes a controlled exposure to crypto exchange and to Ethereum, the cryptocurrency that serves as the basis for virtual reality blockchain platforms such as Decentralan and Sandbox, allowing users to purchase, build and monetize virtual reality applications.

FinaMaze Metaverse smartfolio diversifies over more than a dozen securities, spreading risk across several sectors and automatically rebalancing the allocation to match each investor’s risk profile. FinaMaze launched the smartfolio because not all investors have the time or expertise to do in-depth research on each market theme and build a carefully selected portfolio of securities to achieve the exposure they seek.

One of the most innovative and protective features is the “Metaverse vs Market” version that allows market-pessimistic but metaverse-optimistic investors to capture the relative performance of the Metaverse-related securities over the market, that is, if Metaverse securities indeed fall but in proportions, less than the market, the “Metaverse vs Market” performance will then deliver the favorable difference.

FinaMaze investors have access to over 30 ready-to-invest thematic smartfolios, which were created with the help of AI and automated algorithms and the heavy lifting of FinaMaze investing committee experts. Investors can spend as little as $2,000 and gain access to tools and charts to track their own smartfolios’ real-time performance, set Take Profit and Stop Loss thresholds at the level of each smartfolio, and exit on a daily basis, all for free.

The launch of the FinaMaze Metaverse Smartfolio is set to coincide with the opening of Dubai’s Museum of the Future, resonating with the vision of UAE’s leadership and residents, who want to live the future today.

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