Dnata secures IATA’s ‘CEIV Fresh’ certification for its quality services in Singapore

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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One of the world’s largest air services providers, UAE-based Dubai National Air Travel Agency (dnata) has been honored with IATA’s Centre of Excellence for Perishable Logistics (‘CEIV Fresh’) certification at Singapore Changi Airport.

The certification is awarded to dnata for delivering the highest quality and standard services in the temperature-controlled handling of perishable products, including fresh fruits, meat, fish, dairy and flowers. The transport of perishable goods by air increases constantly with growing consumer demand for healthy products throughout the year. 

The CEIV Fresh program meets the time and temperature requirements primarily based on the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations (PCR) which combines professional regulatory and operational input from industry and government experts.

Sam Gould
Sam Gould
Cargo – Head
dnata – Singapore

“There is an increasing demand for safe air transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. We constantly invest in infrastructure, training and process improvement to ensure that these delicate products reach the end customer in perfect condition. IATA’s CEIV Fresh certification demonstrates the quality and reliability of our services, and supports Changi Airport’s positioning as the preferred cargo hub for time and temperature sensitive shipments.”

At Changi Airport, dnata operates a 1,400m² pharma and perishable handling center which is capable of processing 75,000 tonnes of temperature-sensitive goods yearly. It enables the cargo team to offer an uncompromised temperature-controlled handling and storage solution to airline customers in Singapore.

The cool chain facility of dnata was designed and built with flexibility and unique product handling requirements in mind, making the best use of the cutting-edge cold storage technologies and designs. The temperature-controlled areas in the facility are modular, enabling teams to manage to change handling demands with dedicated climate control capability. 

To ensure smooth delivery of temperature-sensitive goods between the warehouses to the aircraft, dnata has recently launched two ‘cool dollies’ in its operations which offers temperature-controlled storage from -25°C up to +25°C and it mitigates the risk of temperature deviations and contamination.

dnata offers a range of solutions to speed up time-sensitive imports. The company’s services include priority clearance at its cargo center and expedited deliveries to its customers’ warehouse facilities within the Changi Airfreight Centre / Airport Logistics Park Singapore (ALPS). dnata also offers the delivery of temperature-sensitive products in an unbroken cool chain island-wide, providing live tracking and updates to customers through its logistics partners.

In addition to the CEIV Fresh certification, dnata holds IATA’s Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics (‘CEIV Pharma’) accreditation for its ability to move pharmaceutical products under the strictest standards across its operations.

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