Dubai RTA seeks investors, entrepreneurs for projects with a new portal

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Dubai RTA Bus
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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of Dubai has unveiled a new investment platform, “RTA Invest” to serve investors and entrepreneurs interested in partnering with the authority on various projects which are based on the principle of public-private partnership (PPP) and tailored to deliver advanced services to all spectrums of the community.

Ibrahim Al Haddad
Ibrahim Al Haddad
Commercial & Investment
Dubai RTA

“This automated channel is designated to serve the business community and act as a tool for leveraging the collaboration between RTA and investors from the UAE and the world over. The platform also offers a portal for reviewing prospective commercial projects offered by the RTA and details required about the available investment projects. It also enables investors to submit proposals and discuss project details and suggestions with the RTA. Through this portal, potential investors can bid for tenders and submit unsolicited proposals and ideas to the RTA.”

Mr. Al Haddad further added that “The platform consists of a diverse array of investment opportunities including advertising at metro stations, bus stations, roadside assets, bridges and buses, and brand naming rights. It also encompasses public-private projects such as real estate, infrastructure and mobility-related projects as well as retail area vacancy status such as metro shops, metro kiosks/vending machines and bus station shops.”

“By launching this platform, RTA is seeking to measure up to the directives of our leaders, enhance projects competitiveness, and promote investment opportunities professionally to boost the appeal of infrastructure projects and initiatives. It also seeks to woo local and overseas firms, especially those engaged in ecosystems by enabling them to apply the latest transit-oriented finance and technology models. Such a practice will offer users and riders new options and set Dubai apart as a model city of the future with novel investment opportunities,” Mr. Al Haddad added.

The Dubai RTA Official concluded by stating that “The platform offers fair and transparent opportunities for investors worldwide and provide them with instant access to projects and opportunities. It opens up a new channel for exploring and wooing international investors, which brings in more foreign capital to support the growth and image of Dubai as an attractive global investment environment that fulfills the ambitions of investors and innovators.”

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