Improving UAE-Israel ties boosts regional tourism sector

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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With the UAE and Israel normalizing ties, the tourism sector of both countries will be benefiting highly as analysts expect about 1.25 million people traveling between the countries for tourism as well as business.

The chairman of Century Financial, Bal Krishen predicts about 500,000 Israelis will be traveling to UAE for tourism and spending holidays while UAE tourists to Israel will be between 500,000 to 750,000.

Mr. Krishen also added that both countries are rich and diverse from a tourism perspective, UAE is undoubtedly a popular tourist destination in the region and Israel’s archaeological and architectural sites are a popular tourism spot for European and American tourists.

The short flight duration between Dubai and Tel Aviv and the almost equally valued currencies of both countries also adds to tourism growth.

With Saudi Arabia and Bahrain allowing Israeli and other airlines to use their airspace for flights to and from the UAE, the flight duration, as well as flight charges, have been reduced.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mentioned it as a “tremendous breakthrough” as the seven hours flight between UAE and Israel will now take half the time and it will lead to a strong and developed tourism and economy.

Last year UAE had witnessed an increase of 5.1 percent in the number tourists the country received while Israel recorded a rise of 10.6 percent in tourism bringing $6.3 billion in revenue.

Bal Krishen
Bal Krishen
CEO,Century Financial

“The overall demographics are likely to bode well for UAE-based inbound travel from Israel.this should ensure sizeable travel demand to Israel from not just local Emirati population but also expats working in a medium pay grade scale.”

The managing director of Pluto Travels, Avinash Adnani says that Israeli tourists will be attracted to UAE’s modern infrastructure, world-class hotels and the global appeal while most of the UAE tourists will be taking religious journeys to Israel.

Once full-fledged tourism takes place between UAE and Israel, it will open one of the biggest tourism businesses seen in the last 10 to 15 years.

Mr. Adnani also expressed his hope that the UAE will soon begin to issue visas as he is receiving a lot of inquiries from businessmen.