Lamborghini strives to push combustion engine longevity beyond 2030

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Italian luxury sports car brand Lamborghini, a subsidiary of Volkswagen Group, is looking to keep combustion engine vehicles alive beyond the end of the decade, the unit’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Stephan Winkelmann said.

Earlier this year, Mr. Winkelmann revealed Lamborghini’s plan to launch its first fully electric model by the end of this decade. This came as a part of Lamborghini and other players in the high-performance sports car market’s, which include Ferrari, Aston Martin Lagonda and McLaren, rivalry to shift their ranges to battery power without losing the high performance that supports their premium pricing.

“After hybridization, we will wait to see whether it will be possible to offer vehicles with an internal combustion engine beyond 2030. One possibility would be to keep combustion engine vehicles alive via synthetic fuels,” Mr. Winkelmann said.

With stricter emission standards, the call for more electric vehicles is increasing day by day. But it is also expected that the longevity of the internal-combustion engine (ICE) will be supported by new technologies. According to reports, this might be achieved because of the inherent energy-density advantage of gasoline over batteries, and because of efficiency-boosting technologies.

In January 2022, a report stated that BMW is working on a new generation of petrol and diesel engines. The report claims that this new generation of petrol and diesel six and eight-cylinder engines will come with significantly reduced CO2 emission levels.

Audi has also confirmed that it would introduce its last newly developed internal combustion engine-powered vehicle in 2026, and it will eliminate the combustion engines from its entire vehicle lineup by 2033.

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