New Benefits and Facilities by Abu Dhabi Customs unveiled for importers and partners

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Abu Dhabi Customs Academy
Abu Dhabi Customs Academy

A new package of incentives and facilities to help importers and partners was launched by the General Administration of Customs in Abu Dhabi.

The announcement came as part of the Abu Dhabi system for initiatives aimed at promoting key sectors and the maintenance of businesses, in particular small and medium-sized businesses, and the growth of services offered to dealers along with increasing the competitiveness of international trade.

The capacity to substitute bank guarantees with institutional guarantees for partners accredited to the General Administration of Customs in Abu Dhabi includes certain benefits and facilities. These are aimed at reducing financial pressures faced by undertakings that are accredited by standards based on the number of undertakings, sales and commitments of an undertaking.

Furthermore, goods are permitted to remain in customs warehouses for a maximum of one year, although the maximum of the deposit does not exceed three calendar years. After the expiry of that time, the customs fees are due.

These also include the provision of electronic procedures for the release of customs declarations at ports in Abu Dhabi aimed at the 100 percent release and payment of restrictions on transit data at ports in Abu Dhabi. In addition to providing smart customs services, dealers can easily and seamlessly send customs declarations through multiple platforms, including Tamm, Maqta Gateway, Dhabi system and Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and in addition to accepting copies of invoices and certificates of origin with no original documents needed to be brought in or AED 1000 ($272.24) insurance being paid on each document.

Commenting on the announcement, Rashed Almansoori, General Manager of the General Customs Administration in Abu Dhabi, said that a new approach to customs work has been developed by the General Customs Administration to improve the relationship between the customs department, strategic partners and dealers in all areas.

Improvements can be seen through the introduction of a range of initiatives and projects aimed at raising the level of customs work and enhancing the competitiveness of international trade at the level of other regional customs departments to attract investment and strategic projects that directly lead to the strengthening of international trade and the realization of the vision of the General Administration.

The digital transformation also leads to reducing the use of “carbon footprint” through the restriction of customs brokers and the use of the means of transport assigned to dealers, the termination of their procedures for dealing and the clearance of goods from and to customs posts. In terms of the dedication to the standards of the World Customs Organization in the production of eco-friendly Green Customs procedures, this is considered an important step.