Qatar Quality Mark unveiled to improve regional competitiveness

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Qatar Quality Mark
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In order to enhance the competitiveness of national goods in the local, regional and global markets, Qatar’s Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz al-Thani has unveiled Qatar Quality Mark. 

The first Qatar Quality Mark was granted to Al Qataria for Production of Reinforcing Steel, which was the first facility that fulfilled the criteria for obtaining the mark, from among several organizations that applied for this.

Qatar Quality Mark is a badge that is granted by Qatar General Organisation for Standards and Metrology, and it is used to advertise the licensed commodity in the media during the period of validity of the license; it is placed on the goods by the methods approved by the Organisation.

Getting the Qatar Quality Mark is the best evidence of efficiency and quality for any national company and it supports the companies’ ability to continue their efforts to upgrade their products in accordance with the specifications and standards set in the country, he pointed.

The “Qatar Quality Mark” is an optional mark placed on a product as evidence of its conformity with the approved national standards and that it has been examined and tested by an internationally recognized “certified laboratory”.

It is a badge that is granted by QATAR STANDARDS to indicate the quality control mechanism in the facility and is placed on the commodity (sticking or engraving), in a way that is difficult to remove, or on the commodity’s packaging in the event that the commodity does not allow the mark to be placed on it.

In order to obtain the mark, the facility must fulfill a number of conditions and standards stipulated in the “Qatar Quality Mark” regulation adopted from the international requirements and regulations for granting the quality mark. The license to use the Qatar quality mark is valid for a renewable period of two years.