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COVID-19 cases happened earlier than assumed; Study

A new data model presented by researchers led by David Roberts of the University of Kent in Britain suggests that the first Chinese COVID-19 case...

As the world accepts COVID-19 can spread through air, focus shifts...

The global health authorities are gradually accepting something that many researchers have argued for over a year: the coronavirus can spread through the air. That...

50% higher risk of COVID-19 infection when passengers are boarded back-to-front...

According to a new scientific study, boarding passengers seated at the back of the aircraft first actually increases the chance of catching the virus...

‘Pandemic can be brought under control within months:’ WHO Chief

In a recent news briefing, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) opined that the world can bring the global COVID-19 pandemic under...

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine prevents COVID-19 virus spread: Israeli study

The COVID-19 vaccine from American drugmaker Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech appeared to avoid infecting the vast majority of recipients in Israel, offering...

Chinese govt applauds own success in curbing COVID-19 as WHO prepares...

China's ruling Communist Party leaders congratulated themselves on their "extremely extraordinary" achievement in domestically controlling the COVID-19 outbreak, ahead of a probe by the...

COVID-19 spread not influenced by hot or cold weather: Study

It is believed that weather has an influence in the environment in which the coronavirus survives before it gets into the body of a...

Risk of COVID-19 spread via food imports need global attention

According to a scientist who has studied the phenomenon, there is a serious risk of cross-border coronavirus transmission through the $1.5 trillion global agri-food...
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