UAE healthcare sector joins the pandemic driven transformation

By Backend Office, Desk Reporter
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The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has created massive changes in various sectors around the globe and the digital healthcare sector of UAE is no different.

The healthcare sector of UAE is on its way to a complete digitization as the pandemic and movement restrictions have created a radical change in consumer behavior forcing the medical sector to take a pivotal change.

A recent report about digital health in the Middle East says that the consumers have evolved through these years and what they seek is not just the quality in service but efficiency of “care and costs.”

Technologies like digital stethoscopes, capsule endoscopes, connected pumps along with other equipment have already become innovations of the past decade.

The global phenomenon of this digital shift in the healthcare industry is expected to achieve greater results and research shows that by 2025 this sector will gain a market value of about $504.4 billion. The prime reason for such transformations in this sector is because within these years it has become more consumer centric than provider centric.


The Indian health conglomerate Aster aims at creating a digital drive and innovation within their organisation and to provide enhanced experience to their customers and patients by adopting smart solutions.

Azad Moopen Image
Dr Azad Moopen
Founder Chairman & MD,
Aster DM Healthcare.

“The future of digital health in the UAE will see incubator-driven smart solutions, Al-enhanced patient service excellence, 5G networks driving easy access, enhanced focus on wearable technology for remote monitoring, data analytics to manage patient health profiles based on genetics and family history. This will be supported by advanced technology like 3D printing, robotics, portable critical care machines.”

The RAK Hospital executive director, Dr Raza Siddiqui says that the major focus of the hospital is on innovation and technology right now and they have already worked on it by introducing teleconsultation in their hospital.

The RAK hospital is also progressing on the idea of posting robots for disinfecting their provisions which can be more efficient and less time consuming.

Another digital healthcare revision happening is in virtual consultation, where the people in remote areas and with chronic health conditions can get virtual health consultations and get medications delivered at their home.The Zulekha Healthcare Group and Prime Healthcare Group both are working on the development of this concept.

The vision 2021 of UAE has created a digitization and technology revolution in the healthcare industry which has the potential to bring efficiency in early diagnosis and cure and to further enhance the medical tourism sector.