Etisalcom & Huawei join forces to boost ICT services in Bahrain

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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LuLu Exchange Bahrain-AFS Partnership
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Etisalcom Bahrain, a leading ICT solutions provider, has partnered with Huawei in providing cutting-edge technologies, pioneering innovations, and state-of-the-art products to the retail and business sector of the Bahraini market.

Mr. Rashed Al-Snan, CEO of Etisalcom said that the overarching objective of this strategic partnership is to expedite the process of digital transformation throughout the Kingdom of Bahrain and align with the country’s visionary aspirations of assuming a preeminent position in the digital landscape of the region.

This statement was made during the ” Digital Transformation for Business ‎Growth and Efficiency” forum.

“Since 2018, our company has been selected as the exclusive services partner in Bahrain by Huawei. Today, we are pleased to announce that our successful partnership has led to even closer collaboration. By combining our expertise, we will offer our customers the most innovative and cutting-edge ICT solutions available globally. Our goal is to help our customers gain a competitive edge in the market,” commented Mr. Al-Snan.

The CEO of Etisalcom further noted that the solutions offered by Huawei via Etisalcom have been instrumental in enhancing the productivity and operational efficiency of numerous Bahraini companies in recent years.

These solutions have enabled them to improve customer satisfaction, offer high-quality services and products at competitive prices, foster innovation, and adopt the ideal digitization model to expand their partnerships and business models. The ultimate goal is to prioritize meeting the needs and aspirations of customers consistently.

“Etisalcom is committed to elevating the quality of services offered by Huawei by bolstering the capabilities of its network of authorized partners. This will enable them to deliver numerous benefits to their customers, including the implementation of Huawei solutions, access to the latest technologies, integrated innovative solutions, on-site technical support, and after-sales technical assistance. By enhancing the capabilities of its authorized partners, Etisalcom seeks to provide customers with value-added services that meet their evolving needs,” Mr. Al-Snan concluded.

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