Lebanon-based JGroup Holding strikes media deal with ME’s Xentrix Global 

By Arya M Nair, Intern Reporter
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Jomaa and Vinod Thangoor Image
From left Imad Jomaa, Founder and President of JGroup Holding & Vinod Thangoor, Vice President-International Business of Xentrix Global

JGroup, a Lebanon-based regional holding company with a vast portfolio of subsidiaries and investments across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and the United States, has struck a strategic partnership with Xentrix Global, an international media planning and buying agency in the Middle East.

JGroup has acquired a majority stake in Xentrix Global to establish a more dynamic business that will penetrate new markets more effectively at a much faster pace in the new post-pandemic world.

This partnership will drive marketers not only from the region but across the globe especially from the US, Europe, Australia, and a few giant Asian countries such as China, Japan, India & Pakistan to select the most creative media platforms offered by fast-growing organizations like JGroup-Xentrix Global. It will allow marketers to access a bigger audience around the world, bolstering the region’s position as the global advertising powerhouse.

The collaboration will enable marketers to utilize the innovative arms of both companies and strategically reach out to a broader audience ingeniously, creatively and reach markets they had never considered before.

Imad Jomaa
Imad Jomaa
Founder & President
JGroup Holding

“JGroup is a well-known powerhouse for digital media that brings decades of experience in the media space across the region. We are proud to collaborate with such an innovative global endeavor that shares a common vision to enhance customer satisfaction and constantly innovate and offer new opportunities to marketers in this competitive environment. Through this partnership, we aim to expand our goals and lead the way in terms of global media services in the MENA and Levant region.”

Moreover, marketers will have access to a variety of global new media channels to advertise and promote their campaigns with a variety of services such as media planning and research, events, conferences, and content marketing. Both companies seek to redefine their global presence and become global media aggregators for the MENA and Levant’s advertising industry.

Mr. Vinod Thangoor, Vice President-International Business of Xentrix Global, said, “We want to provide them with global media solutions in their backyard to stem their ever-growing ambition to reach a global audience. We welcome this partnership with JGroup as it will help us reach a new level and enhance our footprint across the MENA and Levant region.”

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