UAE based hospitality startup Opaala offers its smart services for free

The services are remote and quick to set up and currently free.

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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As the lockdown restrictions are eased down around the world, businesses attempt to get back on their feet after a lockdown that has shaken the global economy. Though things may take longer than expected to get back to normal, we are adapting to the new normal.

Opaala, a recently launched tech startup in the hospitality industry, understands the changing behaviors of the customers and is offering a smart service system for restaurants, hotels, beach clubs and nightlife spots. The smart service can help the hotels or restaurants to cut short their expenses and to continue practicing the social distancing measures.

Opaala eliminates the 8 step service model usually followed in these sectors. A customer simply needs to scan a QR code placed on their table on their phones to access the menu for the day. The menu is interactive and high design and the customer can place their order, add additional instructions, ask for a waiter, and to call for the bill.

Even automatic bill splitting is offered so that the payment is quicker for the guests. The payments can be completed by using debit or credit cards or Apple Pay.

They are currently offering reMote which will serve as a delivery platform. inVenue and inRoom offer experience in the venue.

The advantages of this smart service are that the customers do not need to download any apps as it runs on the browser. With the financial crunch faced by businesses now, Opaala can help save time and allocate resources efficiently. Payment is a smooth process – from the guests’ phone to the restaurant. The menus are dynamic and customizable allowing the service providers to make it interesting. Also, even if the customer feels the need for a human touch in his services, they can request for it.

Promising its customers the ability to run with 30% of its staff, Opaala is offering its services for free during the lockdown and for an extra two months after it ends.