UAE’s 1st driverless taxi begins trial service in Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island

By Arya M Nair, Intern Reporter
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UAE’s first fully autonomous driverless taxi is now available for Abu Dhabi residents to ride around the clock through the TXAI application, which can be downloaded from Google Play and iOS App Store.

Mr. Hassan Al Hosani, CEO of Bayanat for Mapping and Surveying Services, a subsidiary of the artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing company, Group 42, said that the ride-sharing service’s trial is launched in Yas Island and will conclude on 23rd December, adding that the public may use the application for free during this period.

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Mr. Al Hosani added that Abu Dhabi residents can reserve rides as soon they download the application by following the instructions that appear on screen, noting they must be in nine locations in Yas island which include Ikea, Yas Beach, Yas Mall, Yas Marina, W Hotel, Etihad Arena and Ferrari World, in addition to the waterpark, to book a trip.

The current fleet of TXAI vehicles, which would be accessible from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, consists entirely of electric and hybrid cars, which will help reduce carbon emissions. According to reports, the taxis’ top speed is set at 90 kilometers per hour, but they will not exceed 65 kph during the trial run. The second phase of the initiative will involve increasing passenger transport operations by operating over 10 vehicles in different areas across Abu Dhabi. 

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Bayanat, which specializes in geospatial systems, data analysis and AI, launched the fleet of driverless vehicles under the TXAI brand last month.

The service is designed to facilitate smooth and easy movement and traffic flow in Yas Island reinforcing Miral’s vision of enhancing its status as a global entertainment, recreation, and business destination.

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