Abu Dhabi extends freelancing to Non-Citizens with new resolution

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development (ADDED) will now provide Freelancer licenses to the UAE citizens, residents and non-residents which will allow them to carry out as much as 48 economic activities from their home or any other authorized location. 

The provision was earlier reserved to the UAE nationals only.

The resolution which will facilitate this change is expected to stimulate the business and investment environments in the emirate and will create more job opportunities in certain fields that add value to the business sector.

The new resolution will allow organizations to have skilled workers with specific expertise for only the duration they are required such as monthly bookkeeping or quarterly audits.

ADDED has put forward several work terms and general conditions which are expected to be met by the applicants for the licenses.

Applicants who are working in the Public Sector

The prospective applicant needs to obtain approval from the government employer and meet the general requirements to gain the license.

Applicants who are working in the Private Sector

If the applicant works as a permanent employee under a permanent employment contract in the private sector;

Scenario 1: The applicants are mandated to gather the employer’s approval if their freelancing license covers activities that are similar to or overlaps with the activity they currently carry out under his current employment contract.

Scenario 2: The applicants do not require to gather the employer’s approval if the freelancing license they seek is for a different skillset they use during their current employment. The same applies to employees who are currently working part-time as well.