Averda introduces ‘Used Cooking Oil’ service to boost UAE’s waste management

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Dubai-headquartered leading waste management and recycling company, Averda is launching its new Used Cooking Oil (UCO) service in the UAE with an aim to improve the local waste management and to help reduce carbon emissions from road transport. 

The new UCO service is one of several new sustainable waste projects of Averda, all part of its recent 3-year corporate strategy “Renew”, which focuses on addressing the urgent challenge of our climate crisis while unlocking value from waste.

The service is available to customers in the UAE and will see Averda collecting 10 million liters of UCO annually from customers in the region. With an initial focus on the hospitality, catering, and restaurant industries, Averda will also work with municipalities and developers to implement residential collection schemes. The UCO will then be processed to create sustainable biodiesel which can be blended with regular diesel and used by haulage companies, substantially reducing their carbon emissions.

Biodiesel created from used cooking oil is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to petroleum and other fossil fuels. The transport sector is responsible for 24 percent of global CO2 emissions and blended biodiesel requires little or no engine modification. 

Recycling used cooking oils reduces the consumption of fossil fuels in the transport sector and limits greenhouse gas emissions. This also encourages proper disposal practices among commercial kitchens and avoids the problematic disposal of oils into wastewater infrastructure. 

Mr. Jobin Solomon, Head of Biofuels Project Development, Averda commented that, “Increasing the production of greener more sustainable fuel is a key factor in the global effort to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and help fight the battle against climate change. At Averda we are delighted to launch our renewable fuels program which will play its own small part in what needs to be a global effort with unilateral government support.”

Averda is working closely with its private clients, especially those in the hospitality sector to provide a range of environmentally-friendly services. These services will help Averda’s clients improve their environmental credentials through better waste management, increased recycling, and the diversion of waste from landfills helping them achieve their net-zero carbon goals. 

The company will provide its clients with bespoke oil containers free of charge and a regular schedule of collections with a 24/7 customer service line. In addition, Averda will offer recycling analysis reports for each client with a breakdown of the carbon savings that have been achieved.

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