Know how to make your salads more yum and healthy

By Sayujya S, Desk Reporter
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A salad is probably the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of eating healthy.

It is just the best, being prepared with the goodness of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Eating a salad is also a common part of the weight loss process. There is a huge variety of dressings that can be used to make the salad better. Some of these are healthy while others can add unnecessary calories to your salad and unknowingly you end up making your salad unhealthy.

Keeping certain things in mind can help you ensure consumption of nutrients in the right quantity. Here are some common salad mistakes you should be avoiding and some healthy alternates that won’t let you compromise on the taste.

Common salad mistakes

Nutritionists say, “Many pick a salad in place of a real meal in order to eat healthy. But they end up making a total disaster of their meal starting with the wrong dressing. It should come with no surprise that mayo is not healthy. If you are using 2-3 tablespoons of mayo in a bowl of salad, you are actually not having a healthy meal.”

If your salad comes with creamy sauces and cheese and croutons, it’s not a healthy salad. The creamy sauces are usually high in sugar and sodium plus have truckloads of preservatives and artificial flavoring that your body does not need at all.

Healthy alternatives

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Swap your mayo with some hung curd to get a similar taste and creamy texture. Hung curd is a probiotic that does wonders for your gut health. It is also loaded with good quality protein. Nutritionists also recommend two other dressings i.e., hummus and balsamic vinegar as healthy alternatives.

They also urge us to be very careful about what is being adding to the green salad. Say no to croutons or breadcrumbs or excessive use of meat that is processed. Swap the overloaded fat and salt dressing with a healthier version.

“Choose natural flavorings like lemon juice, olive oils, crushed or toasted garlic (homemade powder without the salt and artificial preservatives), fresh herbs or dried herbs,” they advise.