A handful of peanut can help you shed your extra kilos? Lets discuss

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Weight loss has always been a task for many of us. It requires to maintain a healthy diet plan and well-scheduled workout. But with the outbreak of the COVID-19, many of us were made to stay at home for months, with unlimited access to snacks and have gained some extra kilos.

When it comes to weight loss, certain foods can make a deal, for instance, peanuts. Yes, you read that right! If consumed in the right amount this legume can help you attain weight loss goals.

Peanuts are widely used as a healthy snack or dessert topping and are commonly found on the counter of any bar. Despite their high fat and calorie content, peanuts could actually help in promoting weight loss. They come in many varieties like raw, roasted, boiled, salted and in different flavors. The relatively high amount of calories, the rich fiber and protein content in peanuts could help you to shed those extra kilos.


How peanuts aid in weight loss

Peanuts help you to shed weight in many ways, first of all, it works to suppress your appetite. Many observational studies have shown that eating peanuts is associated with a healthy weight along with lower rates of obesity.

The high content of fat in peanuts has gained a bad reputation for this legume. But not all the fat leads to weight gain and fat present in peanuts is healthy which is a monounsaturated variety that is good for our body.

In fact, these fats can help you lose weight by promoting satiety and thus stopping you from binge eating. Unlike other snack foods that are high in simple carbs, peanuts are rich in healthy fats, proteins and fiber, which take longer to digest. A small study conducted in 15 participants found that adding either whole peanuts or peanut butter to breakfast led to increased fullness and more stable blood sugar levels.

Lower calorie intake 

Even when our body is not active, it is still burning energy (calories), which is called resting energy expenditure (REE). For losing weight, the first step is creating a calorie deficit, which means burning more calories than what you are consuming. The fact is that peanuts help by increasing your resting metabolic rate, which means they help you burn more calories even at rest.

Though peanuts are high in calories, one may not be able to absorb all the calories they provide. When we eat peanuts, our teeth cannot break them down into a small enough size for full digestion, meaning you’re likely absorbing fewer calories while the rest is excreted through waste.

Peanut Salad

Which one to choose

It is always good to choose unflavored peanuts that have no added sugar or salt content in them. For extra fiber and antioxidants, peanuts with the skins on are the best option, as it can help increase fullness. Boiled peanuts contain 50 percent less fat than raw and roasted peanuts, which means they may not have the same filling effect.

Though peanut butter can be a healthy option, always go for a natural one that contains no added salt, processed oils or other ingredients.

Ways to include peanuts in your daily diet

There are varied options by which one can include peanuts in their daily diet. Peanuts can be combined with some healthy carbohydrates, for example, one can eat a handful of peanuts along with a fresh apple for a balanced and healthy snack or some peanut butter with whole-grain bread.

Other few healthy ways to include peanut in your diet:

  • Add a tablespoon of peanut butter to your shake for more protein.
  • Combine peanuts with raisins for a healthy mix.
  • Add crushed peanuts to salads for a satisfying snack.