Russian face recognition specialist NtechLab expands to GCC with new Abu Dhabi office

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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NtechLab, the world’s leading Russian facial recognition specialist, has opened a representative office in Abu Dhabi from where the company will promote its products to potential customers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The company is well known for its invasive FaceFind technology, which allows everyday users to match someone’s face to their profile on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. 

FaceFind technology is first in terms of speed and accuracy when it comes to detecting and identifying people in the video stream. It shows outstanding results even in densely populated public spaces since it’s capable of performing a split-second search across multibillion databases.

The technology can recognize the faces and silhouettes of people and vehicles in real-time video feeds. It has a variety of features, such as multi-object video analytics, which allows cameras to be set for different types of objects and the capability for a single camera to analyze multiple types of objects at once.

The company will focus its efforts in the UAE’s public sector, projects for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, banking, and services for shopping malls and retail chains. NtechLab’s presence in Abu Dhabi is likely to help the company acquire a large share of the UAE’s computer vision market. The company uses biometric data carefully without storing or transferring it and works exclusively on the client’s premises.

The launch of the new Abu Dhabi office coincides with the release of NtechLab’s new FaceFind Multi solution, which significantly enhances the utility of the original platform. It is designed for use in surveillance systems, and supplements facial recognition with people and object recognition capabilities.

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